Performance Lithium Ion Batteries


Can I use water pump and fan between rounds to cool while charging?
- You can run everything including Big Stuff, water pumps and fans while charging. On average, battery fully charges in under 10 minutes with a 25 AMP charger. There are no power spikes in lithium so you get constant 16.9 volts while charging. There are no spikes in power going down the track (Racepak confirmed).

How do we know it works? We have tested PRO-LITE battery over 160 passes two ways:
- Cooling everything down and then turning on the charger. - Turning charger on as soon as we get back to the pits and then cool everything down with the charger on. - Both ways have worked great with no issues.

We have had several racers ask about voltage drop during a run. We have data logged many runs and we have seen very little or no drop during a run. The data below is from our Racepak log. Launch 16.1 v

- .50 seconds: 16.1 v
- 1.0 seconds: 16.0 v
- 1.5 seconds: 16.1 v
- 2.0 seconds: 16.0 v
- 2.5 seconds: 16.0 v
- 3.0 seconds: 15.9 v
- 3.5 seconds: 16.0 v
- 4.0 seconds: 15.9 v
- 4.5 seconds: 16.0 v

This is while running two rule water pumps, BS3, MSD8, 7531, AMS 1000, 8 injectors & Racepak.

Can I buy a 12 volt battery for a street car?
- Yes, we can offer it in 12v, 16v, 24v, 36v and 48v versions and almost any dimension you would need.