About Us

Racecraft Inc opened for business in 1997 primarily as a car fabrication company, which catered to sportsman and the street legal racing community. After building many class dominating pro cars, other racers starting asking for many of the unique parts we were building on our "in house" race cars. Racecraft Inc. started to mail order parts in 2001 with our Mustang wings. Today we manufacture mainly suspension components for late model Mustangs & Camaros. Racecraft Inc. is housed in a 12,000 sq/ft facility in Madison Lake, Minnesota. We currently have 12 employees, 4 office and 8 shop personnel that manufacture all of our parts in house including machining, laser cutting and powder coating.

Racecraft Inc. participates in many sanctioning bodies including NMRA/NMCA, ADRL, ORSCA, PSCA, and NHRA. The entire staff at Racecraft Inc. is working hard to provide our customers with the highest quality "true bolt on" performance suspension parts & help our customer's racecars and race programs set the class standard.

2014 Racecraft Inc. Drag Radial Build