1999-2004 Mustang Stiletto Race K-Member Kit

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1999-2004 Mustang Stiletto Race K-Member Kit. This kit works well for a variety of small block applications. Offers great header clearance and in most cases allows for pan removal. Fits all applications best when motor is tight to firewall "This is Important". Lowered crank center-line is possible with this K-Member as well. K-Member can be painted on request only. We suggest painting locally after fit is assured, because of the variety of pans and oil pump configurations.

The a-arms in this kit utilize our segmented spacers. This allows adjustment from the stock location or 1/2" to 1" forward from stock. The 6061 aluminum spacers are anodized black and work with 5/8" rod ends and 1/2" hardware (Stiletto K-Member Packages only).

Applications that allow you to pull the pan

  • Small Block Chevy - LS1: Wet or Dry Sump / All
  • Big Block Chevy: Wet or Dry Sump / Most
  • Small Block Ford: Dry Sump or Wet Sump
  • Big Block Ford:Wet or Dry Sump / Most
  • This package has also been used on some Procharger Small Block combinations
  • Stock ride height cannot be accomplished with this kit. This kit is specifically designed to be all out enhanced suspension kit to accommodate and accomplish specific characteristics. Meaning you must be at the correct ride height and follow the information below. The bumpsteer must be checked at full extension and compression. You absolutely cannot set the toe at ride height and call it good.

    This list of items gives you what must be considered before you buy

    1. Bottom edge of pinch weld at front of the rocker panel must be an optimum height of 4-5" off the ground, 5 1/2" maximum with a 26" tall tire.

    2. Wheel/tire centerline must be moved forward a minimum 1" from the stock location or centerline of front wheel well. A-arm spacer kit helps accomplish this. Also the rear heim can be threaded out further than the front heim.

    3. Must achieve at least 5 degrees no more than 7 degrees of caster angle measuring through the centerline of the upper and lower pivot locations with the wheel 1" forward from stock.

    4. Should be set up to 0 degree camber angle.

    5. Must run some type of travel limiter to limit the extension travel to no more than 2" of drop out or extension from ride height.

    6. You must install the compression limiters (200205) to limit your compression travel depending on your ride height. We typically make the tire squish 2-3" before the K-member can touch down from landing a wheelie.

    7. The toe and bumpsteer adjustment must be maintained to have no less than 1/16" of negative toe through out the 2" of extension travel listed above in #5 and the compression travel. Compression travel can be limited with our spacer kit# 200205. So no less than 1/16" toe in at any point of travel, from full extension on the limiter setting to full compression on the bump stop.

    8. This kit will only accommodate about 3 to 3-1/2" of total travel and still keep the bumpsteer in check.

    9. Absolute must not at any time through the range of front suspension travel can the toe be 0 or go from 3/16" negative then to 0 and beyond to positive. If it does this will cause front tire shake, broken parts, loss of control or worse.

    10. With the tire 1" forward from stock the caster angle should be around 7 degrees. You can move this up to 10 degrees caster only if the tire is being moved forward more than the 1" and 1-1/2" is more desirable.

    11. The best way to set your bumpsteer is to put the front of your car on a jack without the front coil springs installed or the adjusters screwed off the bottom of the thread. From ride height jack it up to the limiter setting, check toe, lower it to the bump stops, check toe. Remember #8 total travel and most important #9 toe.

    12. With the car at ride height measure and set the toe at 3/16" narrower at the front of the tire than at the back. After making any toe adjustments and before measuring toe, with the wheels positioned perfectly (straight forward) roll the car back 15 feet and forward 15 to 20 feet and always finishing rolling forward. Then you can take your measurement with a pair of toe plates.

    13. Must make sure that all rod ends are clocked to prevent binding through out travel range. (Tie Rods - A-arms)

    14. With this kit it is required to use 3 steering joints and a shaft support.

    15. When installing this kit with a composite front end leave the front clip 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" long so the tire is re-centered in the wheel well.

    16. Our caster camber plates come with different length spacers so you can change the spring hat height to a more optimum height.

    17. Our bump stop kit (200205) comes with different thickness spacers so you can set the desired compression height.

    18. Our bumpsteer kit allows you to make changes down to 1/8 of an inch and many times that is all it takes to see a change in the toe.

    Benefits of this kit

  • Less than 100 lbs for entire front kit
  • Designed to accommodate low ride heights
  • Allows full oil pan access in most applications
  • Offers the most engine bay and header clearance
  • Standard Kit

  • *Choose Below * "Ultra Lites" 4130 2" Drop Spindles-300116 (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: 10.8 lbs (Pair)
  • * Choose Below * 79-04 Mustang 2" Drop Spindles Long Arm - Aftermarket Brakes - 300111 (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: 14.0 lbs (Pair)
  • 79-04 Mustang Rod End A-Arms-3213TA00 (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: 10.0 lbs (Pair)
  • Stiletto Rack and Pinion-333107 (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Racecraft Inc. Light Weight Tie Rod Kit-333191 (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Stiletto Rack Adaptor -333160-D (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: .4 lbs
  • 79-04 Mustang Race K-Member Bolt Kit-BK3370 (Click HERE for Product Info.)
  • Stiletto Rack Bolt Kit-BK8000 (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: .4 lbs
  • Segmented Spacer Kit-BU7000 (Click HERE for Product Info.) Weight: .4 lbs
  • Total Standard Kit Weight w/ hardware: 51.5 lbs



    This K-member is not available with motor mounts it must be used in conjunction with a motor plate.

    On all "Ultra Lite" spindle packages 5 x 4 3/4 and 5 x 4 1/2 bolt pattern available when fitted with strange brakes.

    If you are using spindle mount brakes you must have spindle mount wheels, Anglia Wheels will not work.

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