8.8 Rear End Brace Kit


Our Brace Kit is designed to tie the cast center section to the axle tubes. This keeps the rear end from flexing under hard launches which in the long run saves you from having a bent housing. We send a 18" piece of tube un-welded to the tube adapts that way you can make it however long as necessary to clear any bracket's you may have on your housing. This kit uses left and right hand tube adapters and rod ends, with the left hand tube adapter having a hex on it. This makes for an easy way to put a 1/4 turn of pre-load on the axle tubes. It comes with all the hardware to bolt it to the cast center section as well as the tabs that get welded to the axle tubes.

Kit Includes:

  • JM Series Left Right Rod Ends w/ Jam Nuts
  • 1/2" Grade 8 Nuts and Bolts
  • 2 Left Hand Tube Adapters w/ Hex
  • 2 Right Hand Tube Adapters
  • 4 3/16" Axle Tube Tabs
  • 18" of 1 1/8" .083 4130 Tube

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