1979-2004 Mustang GM Swap 4130 Race K-Member Kit

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1979-2004 Mustang GM Swap 4130 Chromoly Race K-Member Kit. This setup is not your typical standard Mustang K-Member with some sort of motor mounts slapped onto it. K-Member utilizes our Manual Pinto Rack & Pinion Part# 333100.

We designed this K-Member for the job and retained the stock steering rack location. By moving the K-member main hoop out in front of the steering rack allows the use of almost any stock type and large sump oil pans.

The motor mount kits come in two different versions: LS1 & Big Block-Small Block. This kit has 1" of front to back adjustment designed into them. This adjust-ability help with firewall, header, and radiator clearance.

Standard Kit Includes:

  • 3279GM - 1979-2004 Mustang GM Swap 4130 K-Member (Click HERE for Product Info.)
  • 3212TA00 - 1979-1993 Mustang 4130 Rod End 12" A-Arms (Click HERE for Product Info.)
  • 300102 - 79-93 Mustang 2" Drop Spindles (Aftermarket Brakes) (Click HERE for Product Info.)
  • 333100-C - 71-72 Pinto 45.5" Manual Steering Rack w/ Billet Clamp (Click HERE for Product Info.)
  • 344101-14 - 1979-2004 Mustang Coil Over Kit (Racecraft Springs) (Click HERE for Product Info.)
  • 333205 - Bumpsteer Kit - Lightweight Short Length Pinto Rack (Click HERE for Product Info.)
  • Tech Facts:

    Coil Over Spring Rates

  • 14" - 150Lbs (2500Lbs-2700Lbs)
  • 14" - 175Lbs (2700Lbs-2900Lbs)
  • 14" - 200Lbs (2900Lbs-3000Lbs)
  • 14" - 225Lbs (3000Lbs-3200Lbs)
  • The Mustang has two different A-arm lengths depending on the year of the car.

  • 79-93 has a 13" arm from the Factory
  • 94-04 has a 14" arm from the Factory
  • Additional Information:

  • At Racecraft Inc. we use an A-arm 1" shorter than the factory A- arm to "tuck" the wheel in the fender to prevent the tire rubbing on the fender when lowering your Mustang.
  • If you choose 1" shorter arms you will need to also choose a 1" shorter bumpsteer kit.
  • Attention: If you are using Racecraft Inc. Spindles you will have to use our Lightweight Bumpsteer Kit. If you are using stock spindles then use the standard Bumpsteer Kit.

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